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Ratification: The People Will Decide

Remember that completing your negotiation or code development is not the end of the story as you will still have significant work ahead of you to ensure that people can make an informed choice and that they come out to participate in the ratification.  [more]

The Foundation of Good Governance

On the journey of self-government, what is the importance of traditions and culture? What approaches both respect the past and speak to the future? What are the challenges that First Nations will encounter when developing new institutions of governance that reflect culture and tradition?  [more]

A Model of Self-Government

On Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 we attended the opening session of the Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN) Legislative Assembly. It was the first legislative session to be held in the TFN longhouse...  [more]

Indigenous Law

The expression of aboriginal title and rights is evolving to the next logical step: jurisdiction. With it, the question of Indigenous law emerges: What is it? How is it applied? Who determines what is and isn’t Indigenous law?  [more]

Capacity Building and Your Constitution

The 2010 Annual Report of the BC Treaty Commission ("BCTC") was released earlier this month at BCTreaty.net. Among other things, the report notes the importance of First Nations governments to prepare to govern through incremental successes and recommends focusing efforts on capacity building in their journey to self-government. Learn more...  [more]

Showing 5 of 5 posts in the Capacity Building category

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